Digital Transformation for Service Providers

Unified Platform to Build Digital Accelerators

Creating Digital Value for @ Hyperspeed

Converging Decision Sciences, Design with Cutting Edge Product Engineering

We have combined the best of what platform like Databricks and Qualtrics offers under a unified platform so you can build suite of digital accelerators with low code!

Human Data + Data Lakehouse + AI

We are the ONLY platform that allows you to orchestrate both Human data and data from DW/Lakes powered by AI

Warehouse-Native Solutions for Clients

Data stays in clients warehouse or lakehouse. No need of complex ETL's. Data is always live from one source of truth

Data Security that your clients will love

We developed the platform keeping in view specifically the service provider flows. Data security that your clients will love

Optionality and Multi-Cloud

Your clients have different types of cloud providers. You can work with any from our single platform

Built for Scale ​

Work seamlessly with exabyte scale data lakes and massive data warehouses alike for efficient, low latency analytics

Low-Code and open stack

We allow you to build sophisticated digital accelerators with low-code. Wow your clients!

Quality without the costs

Run enterprise-grade analytical workloads at significantly lower costs than others on market. Pick compute based on catalog workload

Build client-facing marketplaces and portals

We allow you to build digital accelerators for your clients and make it available through personalized stores and portals for them



No matter what size of consulting firm you have, we can help you



All customers get subscriptions to our AI platform – where digital accelerators are built. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you


Digital Accelerator Stores

If You want an out-of-the-box digital accelerator, we have a growing marketplace of expert validated solutions



We offer services with focus on helping develop strategy, requirements and building to meet your growth goals