All business software, implementation and managed services you need to run your business.

Squads-As-A-Service to set-up and manage business critical software

We are a next-gen cloud software and systems integration and managed services provider. Through our partnerships with leading cloud business software providers, we help implement and manage cloud software solutions that power your business so you can focus on running and making money

How it Works?

We make the process super simple and frictionless through our platform!

1. Free Expert Advise and Assessment ($5000 value)

No matter what your business strategy need for digital/software enablement, we can provide ZERO commitment free expert business and technical advise of up to 10 hours. In addition, we offer free assessments to help diagnose your business processes

2. Pick our service package (Implementation)

Informed by our deep expertise, we have identified pre-defined service packages to serve your needs. You can pick based on your need or we can work on custom requests too

3. Pick Support Squad-As-A-Service Package (Optional)

We provide you fully managed services options to get your work done while you run your business. Pick from the options that will work for you to match the velocity you need your needs resolved

4. We make things happen!

We assign a dedicated Squad lead as your point of contact to drive the project to completion. It will feel like “results on auto-pilot”! (Through our platform you can track status all the time!)

Implementation and Support Re-defined

Kloudsoft is a disruptive platform that seeks to drive highly affordable, top quality and differentiated system integration and managed services.

We are on a mission!

We were formed because we want every company no matter the size to dream big and do big.

We saw a big gap in the market as companies such as yours do not have access to affordable and reliable implementation and support services. This results in sub-optimal business operations as you avoid making the right investments critical to scale. This becomes a chicken-and-egg problem.

We want to change it for good. Led by a team of passionate and experienced executives, we are a mission driven company born to change how you get things done!

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